Cable Overmoulding

in-connect design and manufacture a wide range of cable overmouldings for a variety of functions, we can overmoulds cable breakouts, ESD suppression devices, cable glands and a number of other features all to your exact specifications.

Cable Overmoulding

Wide range of cable moulding options

Unlike the majority of cable and connector suppliers in-connect can offer both low and high pressure solutions, and can advise on the suitability of each process for your application. we can mould in a very wide range of materials including PVC's TPE's and other engineering polymers.


Overmoulding is a core skill

Unlike many cable assembly manufacturers who supply low pressure mouldings as an add on, in-connect see this as a core skill and has invested significantly in moulding plant and machinery for both low and high pressure moulding technologies.


Cost effective manufacturing solutions

Whilst overmoulding a cable will require an initial tooling investment, unit costs can often be quite low, especially when using high pressure moulding processes. in-connect will work with you to keep your manufacturing competitive.


25 years of connector moulding experience

in-connect has been overmoulding cables since the companies inception in 1993, supplying a wide range of products, we pride ourselves on our technical capabilities and high level of customer service.

Why we're one of the UK's top cable overmoulding manufacturers:

  • Bespoke solutions and cost effective packages
  • Collaborative design process on all projects
  • IPC-certified staff and in-connect has ISO9001 certification
  • Low and high-pressure overmoulding
  • Excellent customer service and quick turnaround

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