Reshoring in Turbulent Times: Should I Stay or ...

January 18, 2019


Mentions of reshoring in the media have skyrocketed during the decade following the Great Recession as periods of high unemployment lend themselves...

Flowspace Warehouse

In Preparation For The Festive Season .....

November 20, 2018


This year our warehousing and manufacturing staff will be in overdrive as we prepare for the naturally high volumes of stock flying out the door....

Cable Creation Part4 3 1

The History of Wire Looms.....

October 26, 2018


Wire looms are a big part of what Greenstock in-connect offer. And, while we, and our clients, interchange the terms we use to describe a loom / ca...

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Our Mission, Our Vision, Our Values !!

October 19, 2018


We believe heavily in providing excellent service, quality products at competitive rates. Our mission, vision and values are....


Greenstock Investment in Overmoulding Capabilities

March 26, 2015

General, Announcements, Industry News

Greenstock are proud to report that they have invested in a new moulding machine.  This is another clear statement that Greenstock are committed to...


Greenstock In-connect Expand Offshore Manufactu...

June 30, 2014

General, Announcements, Industry News

Greenstock In-connect have built upon their existing relationship with their Taiwanese manufacturing partner to extend offshore manufacturing capab...

Inconnect Cables

A new era for Greenstock

March 06, 2013

General, Announcements, Industry News

The Greenstock Lamp Company has now brought to fruition months of hard work on rebranding to create an improved corporate identity.